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Thursday, February 3, 2011

About The Name

The name ‘The Balance’ comes from the Arabic word Al-Mezan, which appears in the noble Qur’an seven times. We know that number seven denotes infinite quantity in Quran. A word would be considered very important if it appears at least seven times in the Holy Quran and the word The Balance is one of those few words.

What is the significance of the Balance?

Balance is beauty, harmony, peace and progress. It proves the excellence of Allah as a creator and sustainer. From a tiny atom to the expanding universe, there is balance. Human character must reflect this balance as well, otherwise there’s a risk of going astray or inviting the wrath of Allah.

To maintain the balance we must follow the teachings of Holy Quran and the life of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). We should learn to keep a balance between our public and private life, religious and worldly duties, and Islamic and worldly knowledge.

At the Balance school we try to aim for the equilibrium in every area of school activities. We would like to see our students express themselves confidently, but humbly. We want them to be strong physically as well as mentally. We aim to help them express themselves well in English and Urdu, alike. Only then a human personality will be in right Balance and that’s exactly what Islam demands from us.

The logo of the Balance School shows the green leaves of the date palm tree. This reminds us of a Holy Prophets saying, “A Momin is like a Date-palm tree that never sheds its leaves.”

Leave are used to absorb light. It’s due to leaves that a tree stays alive and continues to grow. The light absorbed through the leaves helps in food preparation for the tree. That helps the tree produce fruit that is beneficial for the humankind. Unlike other trees, a date palm tree keeps absorbing light all year long and continues to grow all year long.

Similarly, a Momin keeps on observing to grow mentally and emotionally. Observation of a momin leads to positive thinking and, that leads to positive actions. It is due to observations and thinking that we explore new venues and make a positive contribution.
At the Balance School we strive for mental and physical fitness of our students that can help them do healthy and continuous observation. We also take them through quality thinking activities that can make our students take positive actions.